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Assembly code programs for ARM-Cortex-M0, M4, M7, NEON, Coolflux. Using CMSIS-DSP APIs with fixed-point arithmetics.

Advanced SIMD NEON code written in assembly codes for ARMv8 Aarch64 and Aarch32. Super high-speed floating-point 32bits at less than 4 cycles per sample.

Link to the implementation details here.

Synchronous SRC – SSRC

Arbitrary sample-rate converter. Code optimised for speed (fixed-point Q15) or for accuracy using floating-point arithmetics. The code is designed for 32bits processors Cortex-M and Cortex-A with NEON.

Link to the implementation details here.

Asynchronous SRC – ASRC

Low complexity Asynchronous Sample-Rate Converter optimised for drifts compensations in +/- 5000 ppm range. The code optimised for Cortex-M processors.

Link to the implementation details here.


Low-complexity single-band audio compressor, with tunable attack and decay. Complexity number of 2 MAC per sample. Guarantee of no clipping, by construction.

PDM decimation

Pulse-density decimator, and PDM modulator using delta-sigma modulation.

Link to the implementation details here.


Matlab program, computation of THD+N of audio files (WAV, RAW, PDM). CCIR and A-weighting, compensation for distortions and jitter effects.

Link to the implementation details here.

SSRC x2 x3 x6

Low-latency sample-rate converter for Cortex-M4 and Coolflux. Low-latency optimised for speech communication devices and conformance to 3GPP/ITU standards.

In development

To be accelerated upon customer request


Far-field sound and voice detection for Cortex-M.


Two-MICs direction detection for Cortex-M0, alarm and robot/game use-cases. Noise reduction for Cortex-M3 and upper.


Phonetic and prosody recognizer for Cortex-M0.


Hearing-aid application for smart-phones.


Voice changer for secure phone communications.