Source-code upload procedure


The purpose of this web-site is to create value from your developer’s experience.

Our primary focus is the delivery of source-code libraries for data-crunching on DSP and ARM processors. We would also like to provide any type on technical consulting (patent prior-art researches, trainings, …).


Money comes from paid downloads of the source codes, and later consulting services for customisations.


Your code must be well documented to help creating confidence with our customers and lower the time spent in remote support.


Your code is your property we will together have a commercial and licensing agreement where we keep 10% of your selling price. Your code will be reviewed before being uploaded or rejected if not complying to usual software quality standards.

The code is distributed under LGPL. 

You will provide support for the advertised features of your code. 

We want to later enable a direct business relation between you with our customers. We can help you writing the non-disclosure-agreements (NDA) and the bills under the commercial rules of “Firmware Developments SAS” based in France.


Source-code packages :

Each of your software packages contains : 

  1. An overview in PDF or HTML format, with APIs, performances, and what the program does and what it does not to avoid any contractual confusion on the advertised features of your code
  2. A « main »  or a test-bench calling the subroutines
  3. Test-patterns and the corresponding expected results 
  4. The source codes (later named “file_downloaded“)


{1,2,3} will be free of access, {4} will be encrypted using a strong key. The keys are exchanged by email to the customer after the payment is confirmed. The web-site don't store the keys.


It is crucial to deliver a very-well documented set of files in {1,2,3} to avoid the costs of support and maintenance. Please anticipate customers difficulties and give all the possible details on the language and recompilation tools.


Your source-code package is delivered with a picture/logo in PNG or JPG format 800x800 pixels. Your price is in Euros.