Source-code delivery procedure


Source-code packages 

Each software package contains : 
1. An overview in PDF format, with APIs, performances, ... 
2. A « main » calling the subroutine
3. Test-patterns and the corresponding results 
4. The source codes (later named “


{1,2,3} are free of access, {4} is encrypted. Once your payment is accepted we give you the key to decipher it by email.


We give support for code usage and will be pleased to open a direct communication link for code customisation contracts.



Deciphering process

You will need a Perl language interpreter or use a C program. 

The Perl-script is located here : 


The C code and Windows binary are here : 




You decipher your file “Src” with the key “DecipheringKey” you received by email using the following command:

      perl CodeSource.tar.gz DecipheringKey Src

Or using the C program :

         C_DECIPHER.exe Src DecipheringKey CodeSource.tar.gz 


Finally the resulting source-code folder is unpacked and uncompressed :

      tar xvfz CodeSource.tar.gz