Firmware Developments is a company created in 2013 by four people:

- Ms Jeanine Courteau (CEO)

Ms Courteau worked in graphics design and manufacturing for 25 years

- Dr. Laurent Le Faucheur (CTO)

Has 30 years of experience in electronic consumer product design and in mobile phone manufacturing. His LinkedIn profile is here:

- Ms Véronique Le Faucheur (CMO)

Has 30 years of marketing and business relations experience.

- Ms Clotilde Le Faucheur 

Is in charge of product verification.

Our passion comes from music practice and algorithm design skills.

You can contact us at    contact @

After two years designing custom firmware for speech enhancements and multimedia audio we decided to create this e-commerce web-site when realising it was difficult to find the firmware foundations for IoT business. 

We sell our code and the one of our friends, and will be glad to incorporate your code in our catalog. We sell software libraries under LGPL. The code is used as competency demonstrator and starting point to continue with consulting contracts.