Firmware Developments

France, Antibes


Value propositions

DSP and Machine-Learning techniques
Code optimization in C and assembly
System modeling with Matlab
Focus : audio, speech, prio-art research
+30 years of experience in consumer markets

Recent activity, examples

Code optimization for car sound systems
Rate and drift compensations (ASRC)
System and patent analysis for hearing aids
Fast equalizers using NEON on aarch64
Vibration analysis of heavy machines
Noise and echo suppression for telephony
Beamformer and dereverberation for KWS/ASR
Time-Scale Modification of speech/audio


Offices : 5bis Av. de l'Ilette, 06600 Antibes, FRANCE
Phone : +33 6 98 84 60 90
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Firmware Developments was created in 2013